August 13, 2003





Henri F. Pellissier, Chairman

Yvonne Brathwaite-Burke

James DiGiuseppe

Jerry E. Gladbach

Carol Herrera

Cindy Miscikowski

Beatrice Proo, Vice Chair

William Wentworth

Zev Yaroslavsky


Kenneth I. Chappell, Alternate

Richard Close, Alternate

Robert W. Goldsworthy, Alternate

Cristina Cruz-Madrid, Alternate

Donald Knabe, Alternate



Larry J. Calemine, Executive Officer

John Krattli, Legal Counsel










The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.



†††† Pledge of Allegiance led by Chairman Pellissier.


†† Persons who made a contribution of more than $250 to any member of the Commission during the preceding 12 months were asked to come forward and state for the record the Commissioner to whom such contribution was made and the item of their involvement.(None)



††† The following matter was called up for consideration:


††††††††††† City of El Segundo Reorganization No. 2003-01, reorganization of approximately 50 acres of territory between the Cities of El Segundo and Hawthorne.


Councilman Kelly McDowell of the City of El Segndo, Gary Parson, City of Hawthorne, Colonel Brian Kistner, Don Brann, Rhonda Chatterton, President, Hollyglen Homeowners Association, Kyle Hamilton Orlemann, and Guy Hocker addressed the Commission.


Commissioner Burke expressed concern regarding the traffic impacts and the pending closure of library facilities located within the affected territory and adjacent to the Wiseburn School District.


†† On motion of Commissioner DiGiuseppe, unanimously carried, the Commission took the following actions:


    Acting in its role as a responsible agency with respect to City of El Segundo Reorganization No.2003-01, pursuant to State CEQA Guidelines Section 15096, the Commission made a finding that it has independently considered and reached its own conclusions regarding the environmental effects of the proposed project and the environmental documents certified by the City of El Segundo, as lead agency, namely EIS/EIR Sch. No.200207116and City of El Segundo Resolution No. 4314, approving and certifying the Final EIS/EIR and Statement of Overriding Considerations, and has determined that the documents adequately address the environmental impacts of the proposed project.The Commission also made a finding that it has complied with the requirements of CEQA with respect to the process for a responsible agency, and hereby adopts by reference the environmental findings previously adopted by the City of El Segundo in connection with its certification of that report for the proposed project.


Ma de a finding that the county and all subject agencies agreed to the proposed transfer. Approved the requested amendments to the spheres of influence for the City of El Segundo and the City of Hawthorne and made the following determinations, in accordance with Government Code Section 56425:

a.                  Present and planned land uses in the area, including agricultural

††††††††††† and open-spaced lands:

Existing El Segundo General Plan and zoning designations reflect use of the site as Federal Facilities.Future development of the project site will be governed by the provisions of land use entitlements processed in Hawthorne that establish uses, density and development standards applicable to the site.These entitlements permit development of up to 750 residential units.The proposed development is in conformance with the City of Hawthorne General Plan.Agricultural and open-spaced lands will not be affected by this proposal.


†† b. Present and probable need for public facilities and services:

The subject territory is currently undeveloped and uninhabited.Upon development and habitation, public facilities and services will be required to meet the needs of the community and will be provided as set forth in (c), below.

††c.†††††††† The present capacity of public facilities and the adequacy of public services that the agency provides or is authorized to provide:

Adequate public service facilities will be available to service the site upon future development.


Fire Protection

The City of El Segundo Fire Department currently provides fire protection services to the subject territory.Fire protection services are provided to the City of Hawthorne by the Los Angeles County Consolidated Fire Protection District (CFPD) on a contractual fee-for-service basis.Services will be extended to include the project area and it is anticipated that the CFPD will be providing services at a greater level once development is completed and has indicated that it can absorb the additional demand for services.



Public Library Services will be provided by the Los Angeles County Public Library (LACPL).LAPCL has indicated that the size of Wiseburn Library, the closest facility may not be adequate to serve the need of additional residents; however, no developer fees are currently required for impacts to LAPCPL services in the City of Hawthorne. Statements of Overriding Considerations were adopted by Hawthorne and El Segundo that set forth the reasons why this impact is outweighed by the benefits of the project.


Public parks are provided in the area of the proposed residential development to meet park and recreation service needs.However, the City of has indicated that existing parks are overcrowded and cannot adequately serve additional population growth in the area.Payment of fees to provide additional park facilities is not feasible in the case of the Project.Statements of Overriding Considerations were adopted by Hawthorne and El Segundo that set forth the reasons why this impact is outweighed by the benefits of the project.


Police Services

The proposal area currently receives police protection services from the City of El Segundo Police Department.Security is also provided by the United States Air Force, 61st Security Forces Squadron.Upon annexation the area will be serviced by the City of Hawthorne Police Department.The proposed development would not result in the need for new police stations; however, the impact of additional residents would require three to four additional police officers and equipment.The additional expenditure for added personnel will be absorbed by the City of Hawthorne through their annual budget process.Funding of additional equipment is not available but poses a less than significant impact.


Sewer/Wastewater Services

The area is within the jurisdictional boundaries of Los Angeles County Sanitation District No. 5.The developer will be required to pay the required sewer connection fees.


Solid Waste

Solid Wastes generated by the residential development will be less than the amount currently generated by the existing commercial uses.Waste hauling will be provided by a private hauler or through any hauler that contracts for services with the City of Hawthorne.


Street Lighting

Upon annexation to the City of Hawthorne, street lighting services will be provided through assessment district fees billed by the County of Los Angeles as part of the residentís annual property tax bill.



Water service to the subject area is provided by the Southern California Water Company, a private purveyor, and will continue to be served by them upon annexation.A sufficient supply of water is available to meet the anticipated increase in demand.


d. The existence of any social or economic communities of interest:

There are currently no social or economic communities of interest within the subject territory; however, the City of Hawthorne has approved the inclusion of Area A to the Cityís Redevelopment Project Plan (Project No. 2).


        Made a finding that the affected agencies have consented to the waiver of conducting authority proceedings, pursuant to Government Code Section 56663(c), and waived the conducting authority proceedings in its entirety.


        Adopted the attached Resolution No. 2003-21RD making determinations approving and ordering the detachment of the subject territory from the City of El Segundo and annexation of the same said territory to the City of Hawthorne and the Los Angeles County Consolidated Fire Protection District, pursuant to Government Code Section 56375, and amending their respective spheres of influence.



††† On motion of Commissioner Wentworth, unanimously carried, the Commission approved the minutes of the meeting held on July 23, 2003, as amended, to reflect Commissioner Wentworth to be present from the onset of the meeting.



†† The Executive Officer gave an update on the Municipal Service Reviews and Spheres of Influence process.In addition, the Executive Officer requested assistance from the Commission in soliciting responses from the agencies that have outstanding Requests For Information.Commissioner Herrera suggested a letter be drafted for signature by Commissioners who represent cities (Commissioners Herrera, Proo and Cruz-Madrid).


††† The Executive Officer gave an update on the disposition of the interest earned on the Special Reorganization Account which totals $68,654.11.The Executive Officer indicated that the Deputy Executive Officer has completed his reconciliation and anticipates that the County of Los Angeles has an outstanding balance.The County of Los Angeles Auditor-Controllerís Office in conjunction with the Chief Administrative Office is currently reviewing the information.††



††† No one came forward during the period allowed for public comment.



††† The next meetings will be August 27, 2003 and September 10, 2003.



††† There was no new business to be placed on any future agenda.



††† On motion of Commissioner Herrera, unanimously carried, the meeting adjourned at 10:22 a.m.


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Respectfully submitted,




†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Larry J. Calemine

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Executive Officer