June 11, 2003





Henri F. Pellissier, Chairman

Yvonne Brathwaite-Burke

James DiGiuseppe

Carol Herrera

Cindy Miscikowski

Beatrice Proo, Vice Chair

William Wentworth

Zev Yaroslavsky



Richard Close, Alternate

Cristina Cruz-Madrid, Alternate


Larry J. Calemine, Executive Officer

John Krattli, Legal Counsel



Hal Bernson, Alternate

Kenneth I. Chappell, Alternate

Jerry E. Gladbach

Robert W. Goldsworthy, Alternate

Donald Knabe, Alternate







    The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. 



     Pledge of Allegiance led by Chairman Pellissier.


   Persons who made a contribution of more than $250 to any member of the Commission during the preceding 12 months were asked to come forward and state for the record the Commissioner to whom such contribution was made and the item of their involvement.  (None)



The following matter was called up for consideration:


Hearing on Final Budget for Fiscal Year 2003-2004. 


The Executive Officer indicated that the staff report had not changed significantly from the staff report submitted to the commission in May 2003.  The subsequent changes in the budget resulted from notification received from the Los Angeles County Auditor-Controllers Office that the State Controller’s Office released the published revenues for fiscal year 1999-2000.  The Auditor-Controller recast the allocation figures that resulted in some minor changes in the distribution, however, the changes did not alter the bottom line total allocation. 


  On motion of Commissioner Herrera, unanimously carried, the Final Budget for Fiscal Year 2003-2004 was adopted.



    The following matter was called up for consideration:


Hearing on Annexation No. 37-15 to County Waterworks District No. 37, 964± acres located north of the Antelope Valley Freeway, in the vicinity of Crown Valley Road, unincorporated area of Acton.


The Executive Officer reported that LAFCO offices received three letters in opposition.  John Krattli, Counsel indicated that the negative declaration filed by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works did not reference any such developments, and inasmuch as the annexation does include development of approximately 564 units it would be prudent for the Commission to continue the hearing until such time as the environmental analysis reflects the planned development.


Mr. William Davis, Resident and Mr. Fred Brown, Coussoulis Development Company, addressed the commission.  Mr. Davis specifically addressed the notification process.  He indicated that after canvassing the other property owners adjacent to Parcel D, he noted that 22 out of the 28 homeowners had not been noticed, and requested that the Commission continue the public hearing until the other property owners are noticed.  In addition to his letter submitted to the commission outlining eight distinct points of contention, Mr. Davis indicated that there was some inaccuracy in Exhibit B1 involving Crown Valley Road, an area in which he owns property.  The Executive Officer indicated that the Coussoulis Development Company wrote a letter responding to Mr. Davis’ eight points.  Mr. Brown of Coussoulis Development Company provided the commission with some background information.  Mr. Brown indicated that there were public hearings regarding the environmental issues in this area that took place over a period of three years. 


Mr. Brown further stated that at the end of those hearings the property in question became a Mello-Roos and would receive water from the Acton wells via the Antelope Valley East-Kern Water Agency.  The Mello-Roos District constructed a water treatment plant, tank sites and a major water line from the treatment plant to Red Rover Mine Road. 


Mr. Adam Riki, Engineer, Department of Public Works addressed the commission and made himself available for questions from the Commission.  Mr. Riki reiterated that all necessary facilities have been built and there would be no additional costs imposed on the current residents and the County Waterworks District’s wells would not be providing water to this development.  The wholesale water would be supplied by the Antelope Valley East-Kern Water Agency and the District would simply act as the water retailer.   


Mr. Jack Carrington, resident, addressed the Commission.  Mr. Carrington remarked that the original public hearing in 1990 did not include Parcels C and D and these additional parcels should not be dovetailed with the original development without proper notice and hearing to the current residents and homeowners.  Mr. Carrington indicated there are severe drainage and run off issues in addition to the proposed density of the new development.  Mr. Carrington maintains that the area is rural in nature with two to five acre lots and the new development calls for one to one and a half acre lots. 


Mr. Jim McQuiston, East Hollywood Community Association, made the statement that these concerns should have been addressed earlier in the process and there is no basis for challenging the staff report. 


  On motion of Commissioner Proo, unanimously carried, the Commission continued the matter for 45 days to allow staff time to further clarify issues raised during the public hearing, and to allow the Department of Public Works to prepare an environmental analysis that accurately reflect the planned development.



    The following matter was called up for consideration:


City of Santa Clarita, Annexation No. 1989-01A (Towsley Canyon), 60± acres located west of Interstate 5, north and south of Wiley Canyon Road, and west of The Old Road.


Mr. Vince Bertoni, City of Santa Clarita Planning Commission, addressed the commission. 


  On motion of Commissioner Miscikowski, unanimously carried (Commissioner DiGiuseppe voting no), the Commission took the following actions:


  • Acting in its role as a responsible agency with respect to Annexation No. 1989-01a, pursuant to California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines Section 15096, the Commission certified that it has independently considered and reached its own conclusions regarding the environmental effects of the proposed project and the environmental documents adopted by the City of Santa Clarita as lead agency, namely City of  Santa Clarita Resolution No. 98-92, approving and adopting a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the project.  The Commission also made a finding that it has complied with the requirements of CEQA with respect to the process for a responsible agency, and adopted by reference the environmental findings and mitigated negative declaration, previously adopted by the City of Santa Clarita, in connection with its approval of the proposed project.

  • Made a finding that the County and all subject agencies agreed to the proposed transfer.

  • Approved the requested amendment to the Sphere of Influence for the City of Santa Clarita and made the following determinations, in accordance with Government Code Section 56425:

  a.                  Present and planned land uses in the area:

The proposal area is currently being used as a park and as open-space. The present Los Angeles County zoning designation is R-R (Resort and Recreation). The City of Santa Clarita intends to maintain the proposal area as park and open space.  The City of Santa Clarita General Plan designation for the subject territory is OS (Open Space), as amended by City of Santa Clarita Ordinance No.98-14.

b.                  Present and probable need for public facilities and services:

There are adequate public facilities to service the Towsley Canyon area. The subject territory is currently uninhabited. No development is anticipated.


c.                  The present capacity of public facilities:

Adequate public service facilities are available to service the site.


Fire:  The Los Angeles County Fire Department currently services the area and will continue to do so under contract with the City of Santa Clarita.  No change in the level and range of services is anticipated.


Parks/Recreation: Park and recreational services are provided by the Santa Clarita Recreation and Conservation Authority. Services are currently available and will be upon annexation.


Police Services: The development is currently serviced by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, California Highway Patrol and the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy Park Rangers. Policing services under contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will provide a level of service higher than the current one- that will include traffic and criminal investigations.  Park Ranger services will also continue to be available.  County Sheriff Department correspondence states that the annexation will not result in any negative impact.


Sewer Services: Sewer services are provided by way of a private septic tank that is maintained and serviced by the City of Santa Clarita.


Water:  Water is provided by private well that is maintained and serviced by the City of Santa Clarita.  Water is currently available on site and will be upon annexation.


Waste Water:  Wastewater services are provided by private company or the City of Santa Clarita. Maintenance and service is provided by the City of Santa Clarita or private company.  Services are currently available and will be upon annexation


d.         The existence of any social or economic communities of interest:

There are no communities of social or economic interest.


  • Made a finding that the affected agencies have consented to the waiver of conducting authority proceedings, pursuant to Government Code Section 56663(c) and waived the conducting authority proceedings in its entirety.

  • Adopted a resolution making determinations approving and ordering the annexation of the subject territory to the City of Santa Clarita, and the detachment of the same said territory from Los Angeles County Road District No. 5, pursuant to Government Code Section 56375.



   The Executive Officer reported on the status of the Municipal Service Review process and provided a summary of the presentation made to the League of Cities.  The Executive Officer indicated that staff is assembling the information request packets that will be sent to all cities and special districts in Los Angeles County.  The Executive Officer also expressed his gratitude to Commissioners Herrera, Proo, Madrid and Chairman Pellisier for attending both the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments and the League of Cities meetings.



   The Executive Officer requested authorization to refund the remaining money deposited by the proponents of the Hollywood Special Reorganization effort.   Mr. Jim McQuiston, East Hollywood Community Association, addressed the Commission.  


   On motion of Commissioner Yaroslavsky, unanimously carried, the Executive Officer was authorized to return the remaining funds to the proponents of the Hollywood Special Reorganization.



    On motion of Commissioner Herrera, unianimously carried, minutes for the meeting held on May 28, 2003 were approved.


    No one came forward to address the commission during the public comment period. 



    The next meetings will be June 25, 2003 and July 9, 2003. 



    There was no new business to be placed on any future agenda.



    On motion of Commissioner Herrera, unanimously carried, the meeting adjourned at 11:10 a.m.




                                                                        Respectfully submitted,




                                                                        Larry J. Calemine

                                    Executive Officer