April 23, 2003





Henri F. Pellissier, Chairman

Yvonne Brathwaite-Burke

Jerry E. Gladbach

Carol Herrera

Beatrice Proo, Vice Chair

William Wentworth

Zev Yaroslavsky


Hal Bernson, Alternate

Kenneth I. Chappell, Alternate

Richard Close, Alternate

Robert W. Goldsworthy, Alternate

Donald Knabe, Alternate

Cristina Cruz-Madrid, Alternate



Larry J. Calemine, Executive Officer

John Krattli, Legal Counsel



James DiGiuseppe

Cindy Miscikowski










    The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. 



     Pledge of Allegiance led by Chairman Pellissier.


   Persons who made a contribution of more than $250 to any member of the Commission during the preceding 12 months were asked to come forward and state for the record the Commissioner to whom such contribution was made and the item of their involvement.  (None)


[Commissioners Burke and Yaroslavsky in a 9:05 a.m.]



    The adoption of a revised fee schedule was called up for consideration. The Executive Officer reported that the LAFCO fee schedule had not been revised in quite some time.  Staff did a comparison of the fees charged by the five other Southern California LAFCOs.  The Executive Officer reported that should the Commission adopt the proposed fee schedule, the LAFCO operating budget would be offset by 20%.   The Commission raised concerns about whether LAFCO was including all of the attendant costs of processing an application.  The Executive Officer indicated that steps were being taken by staff to charge future applicants for each process encountered per application.  If the proposal is an annexation, but requires a detachment and or a sphere amendment, then the applicant would be charged the minimum amount for each process to ensure LAFCO recoups its full cost of processing the application.


   On motion of Commissioner Wentworth, unanimously carried, the attached revised fee schedule was approved, effective June 1, 2003.



    The following matter was called up for consideration:


Hearing on the City of Palmdale, Annexation 2001-01A, consisting of approximately 977 acres of inhabited unincorporated county territory.  The applicant is the City of Palmdale.  


The Executive Officer reported that an additional 36 names need to be plotted on the map showing the areas protesting this annexation.  The Executive Officer recommended that the hearing be held over for the May 14, 2003 commission hearing. 


In opposition to the proceeding Mr. Nick Vartanian and Mr. Jon Cooper addressed the commission regarding this issue.




Minute Order No. 4 Continued


   On motion of Commissioner Wentworth, unanimously carried, the Palmdale Annexation 2001-01A was continued to May 14, 2003.



    On motion of Commissioner Wentworth, unanimously carried, the Commission authorized the purchase of a new automobile for the Executive Officer.



    The Executive Officer reported on the status of the cities of Montebello and Commerce request for exemption.  The Executive Officer indicated that on Monday, April 21, 2003 LAFCO staff met with the consultant to review their work progress to date.   He further advised that staff has reviewed the five page list of questions to be posed to the parties involved.  After review of those questions, the consultant and staff met with the leadership from the City of Montebello.  The Executive Officer indicated that after a rocky start the meeting progressed in a very productive manner.  The consultant will have all the information requested by the end of the week.  A meeting with the Consolidated Fire Protection District has been scheduled for Thursday April 24, 2003 and similar questions will be posed to the District.  The consultant anticipates completing the report within the next three weeks.



   The Executive Officer reported that the status of the Las Lomas annexation remains the same.  The Executive Officer inquired if Legal Counsel had anything to add.  John Krattli, Legal Counsel, responded that as indicated at the prior hearing that County Counsel would be responding to the pleading.



    The Executive Officer presented a preview of the Power Point Municipal Service Review presentation that will be highlighted at the League of Cities meeting on June 5, 2003.


[Commissioner Yaroslavsky out at 9:52 a.m.]



    On motion of Commissioner Gladbach, unanimously carried, (Commssioner Yaroslavsky being absent), the minutes for the meeting held on April 9, 2003 were approved.



    No one came forward to address the commission during the public comment period. 




     The next meetings will be May 14, 2003 and May 28, 2003.



    There was no new business to be placed on any future agenda.



   On motion of Commissioner Knabe, unanimously carried, the Regular Meeting was adjourned at 9:53 a.m.




                                                      Respectfully submitted,




                                                      Larry J. Calemine

                                    Executive Officer