April 9, 2003




Henri F. Pellissier, Chairman

Yvonne Brathwaite-Burke

James DiGiuseppe

Jerry E. Gladbach

Carol Herrera

Cindy Miscikowski

Beatrice Proo, Vice Chair

William Wentworth

Zev Yaroslavsky


Kenneth I. Chappell, Alternate

Richard Close, Alternate

Robert W. Goldsworthy, Alternate

Donald Knabe, Alternate

Cristina Cruz-Madrid, Alternate



Larry J. Calemine, Executive Officer

John Krattli, Legal Counsel



Hal Bernson, Alternate









    The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. 



     Pledge of Allegiance led by Chairman Pellissier.


   Persons who made a contribution of more than $250 to any member of the Commission during the preceding 12 months were asked to come forward and state for the record the Commissioner to whom such contribution was made and the item of their involvement.  (None)



    The Executive Officer reported on the status of the cities of Montebello and Commerce application for exemption under Government Code Section 56133(e).  At the meeting held on March 26, 2003 the Commission instructed staff to locate an appropriate consultant to conduct an independent study of the issues and to collect from the parties involved one third share each of the cost of the aforementioned consultant. Staff proceeded with the selection process and a contract for services has been developed.  The Executive Officer indicated that the appropriate consultant has been chosen and after discussion with Legal Counsel it was determined that the consultant would do an analysis of service levels as defined by LAFCO.  However, to date, only the City of Montebello has submitted their share of the fees totaling $6,000.00.  The Executive Officer also indicated that the 30-day clock would start when all monies have been received. 


[Commissioner Yaroslavsky in at 9:12 am]



    The Executive Officer reported on the status of the competing applications for annexation of the Las Lomas property.  The Executive Officer indicated that LAFCO has incomplete filings from both the City of Santa Clarita and Dan Palmer of the Las Lomas Land Company.   The City of Santa Clarita is near to completing its filing.  However, a lawsuit has been filed by the Las Lomas Land Company challenging the City of Santa Clarita as lead agency for CEQA requirements.   The Executive Officer also reported that a letter was sent to Con Howe, Director of Planning for the City of Los Angeles, requesting that a meeting take place between the parties of interest:  the County of Los Angeles, the City of Santa Clarita and the City of Los Angeles to discuss the public policy issues brought on by competing applications. To date, the Executive Officer has not received a response.  Mr. R. J. Comer, Jerry Neuman, and Jim McQuiston addressed the commission regarding this item.  After discussion, Legal Counsel recommended the Commission postpone any further decision until the Courts have rendered a ruling on this issue.  



    The Executive Officer reported on the status of the Municipal Service Reviews (MSRs) and Sphere of Influence (SOI) reviews.   The Executive Officer identified possible ways to logically complete the MSRs.  For example, using the seven watershed areas in the County of Los Angeles as a geographic guide for cities and districts, including county sanitation districts and maps obtained from the Council of Governments (COGs) for other municipal services to aid in completing the MSRs in a logical and timely fashion.   The Sub-Committee on MSRs and SOI met on April 1, 2003 to review the work to date, to consider the MSR team’s work plan, stakeholder processes and the municipal questionnaire.  The Executive Officer introduced Beverly Burr of Burr Consulting, who is the coordinating consultant for the MSRs.  Ms. Burr reported on the key decisions by the Sub-Committee. 


It was determined that the MSR team would meet with the stakeholders prior to sending out the questionnaire to familiarize them with the process and establish a relationship.   Sending out the questionnaire after those meetings would be the next step in the process followed by an initial review of the agencies and afterwards there would be an opportunity for the agencies to discuss the initial findings and policy alternatives with commission staff. 


Ms. Burr indicated that most of the agencies would not be subject to an in depth review of those agencies.  For those agencies that will require an in depth review, studies would be done and a report generated for the Commission to review, and the public hearing process culminating in the final determinations made by the Commission.   Ms. Burr also reported that a preliminary budget on the cost of the MSRs has been prepared.



    On motion of Commissioner Gladbach, unanimously carried, the attached employment contract for Alicia O’Brien was approved at a salary of $32,000 per year.



    On motion of Commissioner Proo, unanimously carried, the minutes for the meeting held on March 26, 2003 were approved.



    Jim McQuiston came forward to address the commission during the public comment period. 



    The next meetings will be April 23, 2003 and May 14, 2003.




    There was no new business to be placed on any future agenda.



   On motion of Commissioner Proo, unanimously carried, the Regular Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.




                                                      Respectfully submitted,




                                                      Larry J. Calemine

                                    Executive Officer