Local Agency Formation Commission
Regular Meeting Agenda


Wednesday, April 23, 2003

9:00 a.m.


Board of Supervisors Hearing Room, Room 381B

Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration

500 West Temple Street, Los Angeles 90012




A person with a disability may contact the LAFCO office at (818) 254-2454 at least 72‑hours before the scheduled meeting to request receipt of an agenda in an alternative format or to request disability-related accommodations, including auxiliary aids or services, in order to participate in the public meeting. Later requests will be accommodated to the extent feasible.




2.         Pledge of Allegiance will be led by CHAIRMAN PELLISSIER.

3.         HEARINGS


a.         Hearing on adoption of revised Fee Schedule.

b.        Hearing on City of Palmdale, Annexation No. 2000-01A-consisting of approximately 977 acres of inhabited unincorporated county territory.  The applicant is the City of Palmdale.  

4.         SPECIAL ITEMS


a.                   Replacement of automobile.


b.                  Update regarding cities of Montebello and Commerce application for exemption under Government Code Section 56133(e).


c.                   Update regarding competing applications for annexation of the Las Lomas property.


d.                  Approve Minutes of the meeting held April 9, 2003.




            This is the opportunity for members of the public to address the Commission on items that are not on the posted agenda, provided that the subject matter is within the jurisdiction of the Commission.  Speakers are reminded of the three-minute time limitation




            May 14, 2003

            May 28, 2003


7.         NEW BUSINESS


This is the opportunity for commissioners to discuss matters not on the Posted Agenda (to be discussed and upon Commission approval placed on the Agenda for action at a future meeting).





APRIL 23, 2003







The last revision to the LAFCO Fee Schedule was on January 24, 2001.


Filing fees collected in fiscal 2002/2003 will represent approximately 16.5% of LAFCO’s total operating expense.  Staff has made a comparative study of the fees charged by the 5 southern California LAFCO’s. The comparative analysis of filing fees is attached hereto.


The proposed increase in filing fees will bring Los Angeles LAFCO into conformity with the fees charged by the 4 other southern California LAFCO’s, and will be more representative of actual staff time spent processing applications.   In applying this revised fee schedule,  to the number of cases filed with LAFCO during the past 12 months, an increase of $31,700 in fees collected will be achieved if the same number and types of cases are filed during the next fiscal year. This will represent a 22% increase in total collectable fees. 



Staff recommends adoption of the Revised Fee Schedule attached hereto effective as of July 1, 2003.




APRIL 23, 2003



(Inhabited Territory)




Agenda Item No. 3B is a proposal requesting annexation of approximately 977 acres of inhabited, unincorporated county territory to the City of Palmdale.  The applicant of record is the City of Palmdale, the proposal being initiated by City of Palmdale Resolution No. CC 2001-105.  The application was received on October 16, 2001.

Related Jurisdictional Changes:  The proposal also includes annexation of the subject territory to Los Angeles County Sanitation District No. 20, annexation of the westerly portion of the subject territory to County Waterworks District No. 40, and detachment of the subject territory from Road Maintenance District No. 5.  The proposal also includes a sphere of influence amendment for Los Angeles County Sanitation District No. 20 and County Waterworks District 40.


Location:  The affected territory is generally located between the alignments of Avenue R-8 to the north, Williston Street/Hacienda Drive to the south, 860+ feet west of the alignment of 20th Street West to the west, and approximately 220+ feet of Calle Grillo to the east.


Population:  The proposed annexation area is inhabited with an estimated population of approximately 200 inhabitants.  The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk has confirmed that there are 145 registered voters in the proposed territory.


Geographical Features:  The topography of the subject area is generally flat terrain.  Physical boundaries include the Antelope Valley Freeway to the east; the California Aqueduct, which bisects the site from northwest to southeast; and the Ana Verde Creek to the north.  Major streets and highwa located within the proposed area are:  Avenue S, the Antelope Valley Freeway and Tierra Subida Road.


CEQA:  The City of Palmdale has adopted a mitigated negative declaration for the project.


Purpose of the Request:  The applicant’s stated purpose for this request is to promote orderly and efficient patterns of urban development and to allow for more logical city boundaries and a future major transportation corridor that would eventually serve the needs of residents within the City Ranch Specific Plan area.  No new development is being proposed as a result of this request.


Current Zoning Designations:  The current zoning and Los Angeles County General Plan designations are as follows:  A-1-1 (Light Agriculture-one acre minimum lot size), A-2-1 (Heavy Agriculture-one acre minimum lot size), R-A-15,000 (Residential-Agriculture-one acre minimum lot size), R-A-1(Residential-Agriculture-one acre minimum lot size), R-A-7,000 (Residential-Agriculture-7,000 square foot minimum lot size), C-3-DP (Unlimited Commercial-Development Program).

Antelope Valley Area Plan:  Nonurban 1 (0.5 dwelling units per acre), Nonurban 2 (1 dwelling unit per acre), Open Space and Water Body.


Proposed Zoning Designation:  R-1-1 and R-1-1 PZ (Single Family Residential-one acre minimum lot size), PF (Public Facility), and C-3 PZ (General Commercial)


Sphere of Influence:  The subject territory is within the City of Palmdale Sphere of Influence.


Tax Transfer:  All affected agencies have adopted the appropriate tax transfer resolutions.


Correspondence:  Staff has received one written correspondence in opposition to the proposal.




1.                  Acting in its role as a responsible agency with respect to Annexation No. 2000-01A, pursuant to State of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines Section 15096, LAFCO certifies that it has independently considered and reached its own conclusions regarding the environmental effects of the proposed project and the environmental documents adopted by the City of Palmdale as lead agency, namely City of Palmdale Resolution No. PC-1998-019, approving and adopting a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the project.  LAFCO finds that it has complied with the requirements of CEQA with respect to the process for a responsible agency, and hereby adopts by reference the environmental findings and mitigated negative declaration, previously adopted by the City of Palmdale, in connection with its approval of the proposed project.

2.                  Find that the County and all subject agencies agree to the proposed tax transfer.


3.                  Approve the requested amendment to the Sphere of Influence for Los Angeles County Sanitation District No. 20 and County Waterworks District No. 40, and make the following determinations, in accordance with Government Code Section 56425:


a.                   Present and planned land uses in the area:


Present Land Use:  The present land use of the territory is low-density residential and vacant land.  The residential component consists of approximately 117 acres, containing 80-single family residences and the remaining portion consists of 860 acres of vacant land. 


Proposed Land Use and Zoning: The City of Palmdale has pre-zoned the proposed annexation area as R-1, Single Family Residential.


Surrounding Land Use:  There is an existing landfill to the north, the City of Palmdale park and ride facility to the east, rural residential to the south and vacant land to the west, consisting of the approved 5,000-unit City Ranch Specific Plan.


b.                  Present and probable need for public facilities and services:


The City of Palmdale will provide general municipal services such as: animal regulation, parks and recreation, street maintenance, planning and building services to the subject territory.  The range and level of services will increase as future development occurs in the vacant portions of the proposed annexation area. The majority of land within the subject territory is vacant and there are no current plans for development of the area.  Services to the area will be provided at the current or greater level of service and are set forth in (c) below.


c.                   The present capacity of public services:

Adequate public service facilities are available to service the proposed annexation area.


Police Services:  The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department currently services the area.  The City of Palmdale contracts with the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department for policing services; therefore, there is no proposed change in the range and level of service.  The City of Palmdale will assume the cost of providing services upon annexation.


Fire and Emergency Services:  The area is currently serviced by the Los Angeles County Fire Department.  The City of Palmdale contracts with the County Fire Department for fire and emergency services; therefore, there is no proposed change in the range and level of services.  The City of Palmdale will assume the cost of providing services upon annexation.


Sewer:  As a result of approval of this request, sewerage service will be extended to the subject area upon future development by Los Angeles County Sanitation District No. 20. 


Water:  The Palmdale Water District currently serves a majority of the subject territory.  Los Angeles County Waterworks District No. 40 serves a small portion of the remaining area.  The westerly portion of the subject territory is currently not within a water service provider’s boundary or sphere of influence.  The westerly portion of the affected territory must be annexed into County Waterworks District No. 40, in order to provide water services to that area.


Utilities:  Southern California Edison currently provides service to the area.  There are no proposed changes in the current level of service. Future development will be required to provide infrastructure needed to serve the affected area.

d.                  Existence of any social or economic communities of interest:

The subject territory contains 80-single family residences that are within two existing low density residential neighborhoods.  Adjacent and north of the subject territory is a landfill.  The City of Palmdale has a pending proposal with LAFCO to annex the landfill site (Annexation No. 1998-01).


4.                  Adopt the resolution making determinations and approving the annexation of the subject territory to the City of Palmdale, Los Angeles County Sanitation District No. 20, and the westerly portion to County Waterworks District No. 40; and detachment of the same said territory from Los Angeles County Road District No.5.

5.                  Pursuant to Government Code Section 57002, set June 11, 2003 at 9:00 a.m., as the date for Commission protest proceedings.